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Partnering with Styling by House Matters, and with the home ultimately sold by The Property Exchange Subiaco, Nu-Vision Painting were contacted by homeowners who were preparing their home for sale. After an exciting collaboration, we ended up with timeless results.


Bringing life to a home filled with nostalgia

After having plenty of memories in their home, we were contacted by the homeowners who wanted to prepare their home for sale. Considering the property boom of 2020/2021, they felt like it was the right time to enter the property market.


Embellishing and adding value on a timeless masterpiece


The homeowners wanted to maximise their selling potential, and opted to repaint the complete interior and exterior of the home prior to going to market. This homely abode that fuses elements of its classic character, but pays tribute to more modern elements too. When we were presented with this unique project, we immediately identified the imperative element that paint was going to have in making this home vibrant. We wanted the painting service to lightly bounce off the natural illumination, that poured through the well-positioned windows. So, we considered hues that matched that stand out factor.


Exceeding expectations for a character home

Our scope of work included complete interior and exterior, including the kitchen cupboards. After 276 hours, and 125 litres of paint, we completed the project to the client’s brief. The client was incredibly happy and commented that it not only exceeded expectations, but added immense value to the home.

Suburb. Leederville