Joel from Nu-vision painting was very professional and went out of his way to fit us in throughout the whole process. We were renovating and needed both interior and exterior completely painted, both new and old walls. They did a brilliant job, House looks amazing. Joel was very knowledgeable about the best way to go about everything, provided invaluable advice and was understanding when we had to re-schedule due to delays in other trades. Highly recommend their service.


Can thoroughly recommend Joel and his team at Nu-Vision. Have used their services on a number of our properties now, they are always professional and complete the job to a high standard.


Extraordinary service,
Highly detailed work in all the walls, no gaps missed, smooth every wall and they were very tidy during the process.
Nu-Vision really that made my house look exceptional. Very punctual during the process. They were always willing to help me to decide which were the best colors that matched my house. Positive and friendly attitude all the time. I definitely recommended Nu Vision if you like high-quality painting services!


Nu-Vision Painting Service painted inside our 50 year old Home so well that we now feel like we are living in a bright new modern home. Joel and his crew were very professional and friendly. The job was quoted with an unbelievably quick time frame, and to his word, was completed on time. We would highly recommend Nu-Vision for all your painting needs. We will certainly use them again.


Interior Painting Services in Perth

Elevating your living spaces, with a high-end interior painting WA service

Your bedrooms, living spaces and indoor entertainment areas deserve to be spruced up with the touch only given by an interior house painter who works throughout Perth.

Luckily, when it comes to interior house painting, Nu-Vision, a highly experienced Perth painting company, is the best choice for all you envision and more. Trust us when we say, we understand that your home is your sacred space. It is one of your most valuable assets, and we take pride in providing a top-notch service that will make your home look and feel brand new.

Our team of highly skilled interior house painters have the experience and knowledge to handle any size interior project – nothing is too big or small for us. We have one goal in mind, and that is to make your home look beautiful. It is important to us that you come home to a space that elevates your mood, and makes you feel at home. We do this by providing a high quality painting service, backed by decades of experience.

Working closely with you to understand your vision and goals, our interior house painters deliver the highest standards that exceed your expectations. Plus, we are dedicated to providing second-to-none customer service and ensuring you are completely satisfied with the final product.

Give your interiors a new lease on life with Nu-Vision by your side. Speak to Nu-Vision regarding your next painting project near Perth.

The finest wall painter in Western Australia

What makes us the best residential painting service providers? We can give you four reasons why clients choose us for their wall paint job:

1. Technical skill
Our high-end Perth painters know how important it is to have a strong understanding of innovative painting techniques, tools and materials to ensure a smooth and even finish.
2. Attention to detail
Workmanship and paying close attention to detail ensures that all corners, edges, and other hard-to-reach areas are painted perfectly. It is because of our keen eye for detail, we are confident that our previous clients would highly recommend us.
3. Professionalism
Our painters offer a professional attitude, full-service, premium work ethic, and impeccable communication. Nu-Vision takes professionalism very seriously.
4. Flexibility
Being able to adapt to different surfaces and environments, and being able to work efficiently and effectively in any situation is an asset we are proud to say is a cornerstone to our team.

Are you looking to add a new coat to your interiors? Perhaps, you need a painting and decorating service provider to embellish your indoor space. Regardless, our team of professionals are here to complete your painting in Perth. We take pride in our great customer service, and we use the best paints available on the market. Chat to our professional team today.

Saving you time and stress as your professional painters and decorators

The process used by only the best painters in Perth:



Contact us

Get in touch and ask for a quote. You can contact us via email, phone call or even social media. Once the quote is accepted, we send you a booking link to book a painting quote from the available dates and times.


Professional painter meets you

We meet you on-site to discuss specifics. This is a chance for us to view the project as a whole, decipher what you are wanting and what your desired outcome is.


Site inspection

Either at the initial meeting, or at a different time, we conduct a thorough site measure, assess existing conditions, discuss paint types and offer solutions to any problems that we may find. Our professional painter will discuss the benefits of different paint types that are best suited to the environment, particularly from a health perspective, but will also give the best finish. At this stage, we also run through the process, advice on care and we touch on how long the project may take us. Our priority is to ensure you receive a quality job at the end of the project.


We send through a proposal

Our proposal will be put together and emailed across for consideration. If accepted a deposit is taken and booking made in the calendar.


Choose your colours

Approximately a week prior to commencement, we receive the colours selected, and order materials. We touch base with you to ensure they are ready for our arrival, and we see if they have any further questions.


Commencement of painting works

The painting team is introduced to you, and work is commenced. Our team of experienced painters carry out the work with regular updates to you.


We’re done

Okay, we are done. Now, we leave the site with minimal disruption, cleaning up after ourselves. All paint will remain on-site, and a final invoice will be issued. As part of our process, we also send through a completed report for future reference that also highlights maintenance information to get the most out of your painting works.


A token of gratitude

We want to thank you for supporting us. As a token of our appreciation, we always ensure we send a thank you card once we are done.

Are you ready to experience the difference with a full service painting team? Then we invite you to get in touch right away. Learn what our painters Perth have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right colours for the indoors?

Choosing the right colours for indoors can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Here is our advice on getting started.

Start with a neutral base: Neutral colours such as white, beige, or grey are a great starting point for your interiors. They are versatile and can serve as a blank canvas for you to add pops of colour later on.

Consider the natural light: The amount and direction of natural light in a room can greatly impact how a colour appears on the wall. Consider the way natural light enters the room and choose colours that will complement it.

Think about the mood you want to create: Different colours can evoke different moods. For example, warm colours like red and orange can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, while cool colours like blue and green can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Test the colours: Before committing to a colour, it’s a good idea to test it out first. You can do this by painting a small section of the wall or using a paint sample. This will give you a better idea of how the colour will look in the room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match: Don’t be afraid to play around with different colours and textures. Mixing and matching different hues and shades can add depth and character to your space.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose colours that you love and that make you feel good in your space. It is also imperative you choose good quality paint, as this will make a difference with how the paint dries. Have fun with it and enjoy the process! As a Wattyl and Dulux painter, we can help you with this, ensuring you are not lost on the paradox of choice.

How long will it take for the paint to dry?

The time it takes for indoor paint to dry will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of paint being used, time of year, the temperature and humidity of the room and the number of coats applied.

For most types of indoor paint, the drying time is typically around 2-4 hours. This means that the paint will be dry to the touch and safe to walk on after this time. However, it’s important to note that the paint will not be fully cured and ready for normal use, such as hanging curtains or moving furniture, for at least 24 hours.

Oil-based paints can take longer to dry, sometimes going over 24 hours. Additionally, in high humidity or low temperature conditions, the paint might take longer to dry. Don’t worry, our interior house painters can give you guidance on this when preparing your quote.

What type of paint does Nu-Vision use?

We can use any paint you prefer, and our team will recommend 2-3 brands for you to consider. Oftentimes, we recommend Wattyl, Haymes and Dulux. Wattyl, Haymes and Dulux paint are well-known brands that offers a wide range of high-quality paint products suitable for both interior and exterior use. The paint is known for its durability, long-lasting finish, and resistance to fading.

We have seen firsthand how easy it is to clean and maintain, providing excellent value for money. Also, the brand comes with a wide range of colours and finishes to suit every taste and style, and also offers a colour-matching service. Nu-Vision Painting are experienced Wattyl, Haymes and Dulux painters, so chat to us about this.

What do house painting services include?

Our painting Perth services for your home include:

  • Interior painting that includes bathrooms, living spaces, ceilings, walls and window frames
  • A new coat of paint as part of a renovation or several coats of paint for a new build
  • We have experience in painting over old or cracked paint
  • Anything you outline as part of your painting requirements

Regardless of what you require, we will always deliver exceptional painting services for your home. We offer a range of painting services, whether you need a room, or an entire house taken care of. Speak to our team if you require quality painting services done for your Perth house.

Can you Nu-Vision take on commercial clients?

Yes, we offer services for both residential and commercial painting projects. Apart from being residential painters, Nu-Vision are a team of commercial painters who work with a vast array of commercial businesses in WA. If you own residential and commercial properties, we can assist you with residential or commercial painting needs, please get in touch!

Do you do exterior painting as well?

Need the outside painted too? We can help! We have professional painters Perth who deliver exceptional exterior painting services. Speak to us about your home’s interior or exterior, and we will gladly assist. We are a professional painting company who are dedicated to providing a full suite of painting services Perth.

Get in touch to leverage the best residential and commercial painting services around Perth
Are you ready to work with painters in Perth WA who place you first? Then get in touch with Nu-Vision today, the local painters who think with the big picture. As soon as you contact us, one of our interior painters in Perth will be on the ground, ready to help you out. We offer an hassle free initial consultation where we take you through the Nu-Vision Painting journey. This is about you; we are passionate about painting homes and want to see yours stand out. We have helped countless clients across Perth, with both interior and exterior painting, and proud of the exceptional service we consistently deliver. Get a quote today!

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