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Your team at Nu-Vision Painting collaborated with our regular partners from Formview Building to bring this 6-bedroom home to life.


Builders who get it

We always enjoy collaborating with the team at Formview Building Company. Director Simon Leahy founded Formview Building in 2007. After 10 years running a highly successful roof and carpentry business, Simon started Formview Building Company. With Formview Building you are part of Simon’s vision, you get to deal with a builder one-on-one, who is committed to providing personal service attention to detail that only a face-to-face builder can deliver.


An immaculate and intricate design, worthy of palatial craftsmanship


Presented with an artistically composed new construction, we were tasked to paint 6 bedrooms, 2 kitchens and every element of this multi-storey residence. Impeccable craftsmanship was mandatory, and we took this task seriously and meticulously.  We had to ensure the painting service matched the poetics of the design, courtesy of Formview Building and Karl Spargo Building Design’s artistic vision. It was imperative to add spaciousness, through colour, and also illuminate each room.



Bespoke and immaculate results


Formview Building and the designer, Karl Spargo Building Design were looking for a quality and immaculate service and that is exactly what they got. This project timeline encompassed 9 months of dedication to produce a magnum opus. The client was happy with the turnaround and bespoke details.  They felt we were able to exceed the expectations of the brief, and to this day, we continue to have a longstanding relationship with Formview Building. After 9 months, the final result is a masterpiece worth relishing for generations ahead.

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